In the process of developing our company and our ground-breaking first product, i300, Zapp made a number of key discoveries, relating directly to high performance personal urban mobility, but also in mobility and electric vehicles at large.

Conceptualisation and Planning

Mobility is going to a major transition. Not only to sustainable options, but also in downsizing and segmentation. In our developoment of i300, we built a deep understanding of how world manufacturers and new entrants, can reposition or position themselves for the vast and growing opporuntity in the glboal powered two wheel (P2W) market.


Zapp has won a number of design awards and copyrights for its first product, i300, and been aclaimed as a leader in the design of powered two wheel vehicles. There are many PTW segments which Zapp is not planning to enter, and can work with world manufacturers and new entrants to develop the platforms, designs, architecture, DFMs and costings for these segments.


Similarly, Zapp have created many innovations in manufacturing and engineering through its development of i300. In particular in full-cycle sustainbility. These paradigm shifts have led to several unique intellectual properties, many of which are patented appled. Zapp can share these IP and consult to world manufacturers and new entrants who wish to implement sustainable product development and production which consumers now require.

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